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bad Suzuki SAS (Steering Angle Sensor) IC identification

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--- Quote from: coromonadalix on April 17, 2024, 09:00:06 am ---the IR  logo  is not International Rectifier

--- End quote ---

Yes. It's not an "IR", just "R". That is actually the logo of Tokai Rika. They are a Japanese OEM that produce all sorts of electronic systems for automotive manufacturers. For example, in my own car the electric window controls are made by them.

You won't find a datasheet for the chips because they are proprietary to Tokai Rika.

Although, I suspect that they don't make their own chips, but rather they are custom-marked parts produced by other manufacturers (I would bet some other Japanese manufacturer like Renesas).

Probably a mask-programmed microcontroller with customer defined markings…
That’s common practice, I also work at an OEM

Stray Electron:
  I don't know about Suzuki but many auto manufacturers are now installing modules that have an electronic serial number and the main computer in the car has to be programmed on a factory supplied, dealer only, diagnostic system to accept the new module.

  Over five years ago I was told that the NEW modules for BMWs are blank and that the first three times that you start the car with the new modules, it reads the serial number of the main computer and upon the third start up, the module permanently stores the serial number and after that it can never be used with a different computer.  The short version;  used BMW modules can NEVER be used in another car. 

   There are many possible ways that the auto manufacturers could implement such schemes.  You need to go to work with an oscilloscope and/or a logic analyzer and figure out what they're doing. Or go on a Suzuki forum and see if anyone has already done that.

join this car forum and try asking there on how to code replacement unit

yes  many peripherals have serials numbers and the main / ECU has to acknowledge them,  just changing it, does not do the job,  you have to re encode it

Even Radio's with navigation ...

Or  some people grab the ecu and the others ... but at some point you'll get stuck getting all of them,  stripping a complete car for 1 module ?

Some use CANBUS tools to sniff out communications ...

I had many GV's an the last one a Suzuki GV 2010 3.2l (a mix of many brands and a gm motor in it)   i was "lucky" cough cough   to find the Suzuki  SW tools to do that and get the obd2 interface, i had esp and abs problems, had to re-code the brake module serial into the ECU  ...


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