Author Topic: Agilent ESG E4438C HDD Failure and replacement. Does not boot with CF/SSD disks  (Read 333 times)

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My Agilent ESG E4438C generator failed one month ago due to a hard drive failure. Fortunatelly, the HDD only stores configuration and custom waveforms. Unfortunatelly i had some high value waveforms and no way to recreate them easily.

Original HDD was IBM Travelstar 10,05gb IC25N010ATDA04-0. I have tried to replace with an industrial 16GB CF card and IDE adapter, but it hangs just at the end of "Verifying NRAM". Same result using a Trascend PDS330 32GB IDE SSD.

I have an old, but still working, 40GB HDD i just retired from a Tektronix RTSA (i have learned the lesson  |O). Just after finishing the NRAM verification process, it has formatted the HDD and booted correctly. So:

Why does Agilent ESG refuses to work with solid state disks?

Everyone using instrumentation with HDD's, please make a backup before disaster strikes. Most equipment stores the boot parameters, OS, personality and even the calibration on that old hard drive!

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