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best way to tin very fine braid

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I'm trying to repair some Bose wired earplugs with noise canceling.  they have 16 wires coming from the earpieces.  6 of them have very fine shielding wire that needs to be grounded.  I don't think scraping them is the right approach, maybe a solder pot?  what do you think?  I only need about 1/32nd of an inch tinned on the ends, of course.


Dab of flux on wire end, put a small (so a ton doesn't wick up the braid) fresh blob of solder on a freshly tinned tip, introduce wire to blob until you see it wet the wire. Solder pot is overkill for occasional use.


Tin is easy , but the concern is the wire insulation best is to use krapton wire or PTFE wire available from some mil / aero company for few USD per meter

Other way '' cold process '' is to use liquid Tin coating for PCB , but you need to flash etch the wire ( Peroxyde + hydrocloric acid ) rince and dry with alcoll to remove all surface contamination


Are you sure they won't take solder as is?  Why not?  If it is a question of enameled wire, aka magnet wire, Broken Yugo is right.  It is "probably" solderable.  If it is not, then a molten salt (NaOH or KOH + NaNO3) bath is probably the solution, but I doubt very much that is needed.

I haven't tried to put solder on the braid.  I would be surprised if they take it as-is since there are 6 wires with braid around them bundled together.  The braids could be all at the same potential, I haven't tested that yet, but I believe they are insulated.

The cable runs from two earphones that have microphones in them for noise reduction.  There is also a few switches in the cable for advancing, pausing, etc., and again, another mic, if you want to listen to people yelling at you.

This is going to be a challenge since I have a really bad neurological tremor.  All the wires and braids were glued down with some kind of black tar that was tough to clean.  Luckily the connections are numbered so I snipped a piece of cable and taped it to a paper with the numbers as the colors are sort of the all the same.

I'll try just solder on an iron first, I guess.  This is some of the finest braid I've seen.



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