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Blown Resistor Dewalt Battery Charger


I have a Dewalt battery charger model dc 9310 and it has a blown resistor on the pcb I've looked for pictures and schematics attempting to acquire the correct resistor to replace the blown one with and I haven't been successful in locating the exact part for a replacement. I have however found out that it has the number 202 on it and that is the only identifying mark on it. I believe if I purchase a flat chip surface mount resistor with 202 on it, it may work but I looked around and they're seems to be many sizes and I'm not sure which one to buy. I will attach the best picture I could get with my camera. The blown resistor is in the top left corner of the picture with R7 next to it. Oh and I have a new one with a good resistor in the same spot, so this is how I know about the 202 identifier on it. Please and Thank You!

202 is 2k ohm, size likely is 0603 or maybe 0805. You can determine it by measuring dimensions. 0603 means 6/100 inch x 3/100 inch (length x width). However unfortunately I don't think that resistor is the only fault, likely it is consequence of something else gone bad.


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