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I have a bmw dashboard which blows fuses instantly when plugged in. There is a short circuit between gnd and 12v supply.

I just opened it up and found a burnt component which i need some help to identify :)

All help is appreciated

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It's an ST SM6T30CAY 25.6V 600W bidirectional TVS. It looks as if it stopped a nasty supply spike and sacrificed itself in the process. They fail short unless there's enough energy to blow them apart - it looks as if that one came pretty close to that.


You might want to think back to anything you did recently (jump start?) and check for loose battery connections, earth straps etc. and proper alternator charging voltage.

P.S. Please don't even think of just removing it and hoping for the best. It (hopefully) saved the cluster electronics from death, and if a spike like that has happened once, there's no reason why it can't happen again.

Car was bought crashed, don't know what it been through after hehe.

Desoldered TVS, short circuit in both of them. No more short between gnd and 12v. Dash started right up on bench! :)

Will order new TVS now. Thank you! :)

Ha, anybody's guess then - maybe even an encounter with a welder. [Edit: Or, possibly more likely, the battery being 'forcibly disconnected' while the alternator was running at high rpm! - BMWs with rear mounted batteries have pyro-electric disconnectors].

Good news anyway.  :)

once had a workmate stuck a start charger on a mk3 vauxall cavaliar,it set the airbag off,cost him best part of a thousand quid out of his wages!


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