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[HELP] Broken Fluke Scopemeter 99 + TEARDOWN PHOTOS


I just got Fluke scopemeter 99 series II. I have problem with it. This thing is quite shy and don't want to display anything on its "LCD". In short words - scopemeter don't show anything on display. It's not completely dead, because when I click auto set button I can hear relay clicks and also backlight is working. No obvious damage on PCB.

Somone tried to repair contrast regulation block. I see some flux on PCB and some not very professional soldering. Here you have pics of it.

LCD is driven by 6 HD66204F.

Here you have service manual for Fluke 93/95/97:

If someone have service manual for 99 model please, post it here.
Thank you for suggestions and your time.

Sorry for my english it's not my native language.

Did you check power? Actually measure power from plug pack and the batteries.

Yep it was fine. I just resoldered LCD power supply and diming block, also cleaned LCD pads with IPA. It's fully working now. Lucky noob huh ?


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