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Broken tablet microUSB socket

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Rihards Veips:
3 Months ago my tablets microusb socket broke and took all the pads with it except the 5volt and ground - i fixed it with 2 wires and a computer floppy drive plug because i didnt have the microusb socket available in my local electronics store.. yesterday the ground wire broke off with the pad and I was wondering, can I connect the ground directly to the battery ground?

You could use a DMM to measure resistance between the connector GND and battery GND. If it is essentially zero in both directions, it might be ok.

Connect to the ground closest to the broken connector. There should be plenty around the pads where connector was soldered. I even fixed mobile phones with all pads taken off. Scraped off PCB to expose next inner layer of copper where to solder connector body (there usually is a ground under the pads where connector body was soldered) and connected all pins with thin wires to the smd components which where connected to the broken pads. If some were connected directly to BGA and no exposed place available, just scrped off pcb material to expose track in the inner layer. Of course that is some kind of masochism and reacquired microscope and a lot of time but proved to be pretty rugged solution.

Here are some photos

one more


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