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Broken thrustmaster t500rs
« on: June 25, 2019, 06:29:17 am »
Hi, i have the following issue with my wheelbase that i cant resolve myself.
The problem:
2 days ago i was playing project cars 2, during the race i suddenly lost force feedback. I plugged the device in and out of the wall. Force feedback completely gone and movent does not get detected.when i go to the controll panel for the wheelbase, the pedal values ar at half value, wheel rotation does noet get registerd and button presses dont get registerd. But the weird part is, when i plug the device into my pc, i get the usb connected sound, but the wheel doenst auto calibrate.

I did all the trouble shooting that thrustmaster recconmends, but none of the methods worked.
After some research i came to the conclusion that the main pcb is most likely broken. But before i take real action i would like some advice,
Buy a new wheelbase, or repair this one.
Looking forward to your replys and opinions!

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