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Brushes in an universal motor: opinion on their condition

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I’m a newbie regarding electric motors. Worn out brushes I’ve seen previously were usually much shorter.(1) Would you consider these to be still fine?

These come from an universal motor from a cheap paper shredder. Fixing it is likely not financially reasonable, but I won’t mind learning something. :)

Also: yes, they were mounted perpendicular to their original profile.

(1) I’ve just realized I forgot to take photos showing the brushes’ size. They are 4×5 mm, currently 10 mm in length. Certainly still pushing well against the commutator.

Whats the problem?

Jeff eelcr:
Most pictures look strangely worn, 1 looks normal.

change them, pressure and shape taking rotor shape is the key

Looks weird, as if brushes were misaligned with commutator and one side has no wear at all, the same as 2/3 of commutator.  Does the brush size match the slot size properly? And are the brush slots located correctly above the commutator?


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