Author Topic: Can I put this board in ultrasonic cleaner?  (Read 1030 times)

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Can I put this board in ultrasonic cleaner?
« on: June 08, 2016, 10:32:05 pm »

I've recently aquired and attempted repair of gopro-like sports camera that was used in not-so-waterproof case and thus was water damaged. It has white residue all over the main PCB but one place suffered the most. Unfortunately it is located right next to the sensor on a little flex. Here is where I could really use your expertise: I am planning to get small ultrasonic cleaner for situations like this but I am not sure if I should even use it here. Wouldn't it damage image sensor? It is capped with glass window and would probably survive rinsing it with water but I am not sure about cavitation in ultrasonic bath. Any experiences with this? What is your procedure in restoring electronics flooded with water?

I am attaching some closeup photos of the board in question. As you can see corrosion of the two SMD components is quite severe and possibly even broke the leads completely but it MIGHT be recoverable with some modwire.

As a side question: any idea what QUW and QUX smd codes might stand for? I am guessing they are some sort of power components (transistors or linear regulators) but I've had no luck googling so far.
Of course, the "curse" strikes again. Minutes after sending this post I found this:

All help appreciated!
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