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B&W Subwoofer Amp Repair - identify SMD resistors

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Hi all,
I have a dead B&W ASW610XP Subwoofer. Original plan was to just sell the driver and not attempt to repair it. However while stripping it I found some burnt SMD resistors on the power amp board. They are quite large so I think I can replace them, but reading the numbers is difficult (see image). I think they say R280, but what do you guys think?

I guess these resistors don't go bad like that for no reason. The second image is the other side of the board and I notice there are some MOSFETs close by. Might they be the root cause? From what I've read they do fail. I've read about testing them with a multimeter, do they need to be removed before testing? Or can they be tested in situ?

I'm not an electronics engineer, just a curious guy having a go. I am happy to replace a few components, but that is as far as my knowledge goes. No big deal if I cant get it working.
Any advice appreciated.
Many thanks

looks like R820.check all suround components for short.

Mosfets can easily be checked without removal, check there're no pins shorted.

Large picture, could be useful:


Thanks for the replies.
@DavidAlfa that image is exactly what I have. A couple of the MOSFETS in the top left corner are shorted between any combination of pins, so I will add them to my shopping list. Those MOSFETS are close to the burnt resistors on the back, so maybe they are the cause of the failures.

It's really seems like R820, so 0.82Ohm.


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