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Bypass digital audio processor on a Lg Ht33s
« on: October 24, 2018, 02:22:50 pm »
Hi guys,

i m facing an electronic problem and my knowledge are far from being professionnal level. First of all im french sorry for my english. I started using a home cinema from LG HT33s which was left in a wardrobe fro years. It has few options but the only one who interests me is the Audio Aux IN because i would like to use it with my 4K TV and the speakers on this tv are not good.

At the beggining it worked really well for few weeks. The problem is i always left the head unit turned on (might be the cause of the failure). So one day, the TV was turned off and i heard like an explosion from the speakers of the LG HT33S, the LG turned off by himself... i directly turned on the tv and on turn on the LG. The LG could turn on but was not responding to the remote control and few seconds after the LG turns down again by himself.. It s not possible anymore to use the Aux IN option. I don't know if the head unit is faulty, there was no burn smell.

To fix this, i would like to bypass the head unit and all the amplifier PCBs and audio IN/out are on the back of the subwoofer. The problem is i don't know if it's possible as everything might be controlled by a processor inside the head unit.. :(. It's really frustrating because the LG speakers and the subwoofer are good. In the same time, i really enjoy repairing basic electronic stuff, using my welder etc but i would like someone to tell me if it's totally time waisting to think it s possible to bypass the head unit and be able to use the original LG amplification without controlling the stuff with a remot control. I understand a new amplifier would solve the problem but i would like to not spend money as the original amplifier is located behind the Subwoofer. 

i decided to open the rear of the subwoofer and by following the RCA audio IN on the pcb, i can read on a socket FL and FR which is obviously Front Left Front Right. these cables are going to the second PCB where a PULSUS digital audio processor is located... if im right by controlling the head unit with the remote control, the head unit send messages into the cable link to the digital audio processor located in the sub and the pulsus select the option (cd, DVD, Ipod, Aux in, ...) ??

I attached the photos to give you an idea.

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