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Can anybody recognize this component?

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Hi All,

Could anybody please recognize this component? It has no markings and there is no designator on the board. It has no continuity, the diode test shows also OL both ways. Most likely it's designed to go into some bracket/socket (mounting studs at both ends) but it was simply soldered to the board. The creamy/off-white middle is a plastic tube. The board is a part of an Earth Bore pointer.

Capacitor?  Fuse?  Glow lamp?

Thank you for a quick response. It cant be a glow lamp because the plastic tube is sensitive to heat. It can't be a capacitor (the plastic tube). My original thought was it was a fuse, but if it is, it's blown and I have no idea what to replace it with. Well, I could just short it for testing and see what happens... And if the circuit works, I will guestimate the value. That sort of could make sense since the original fault was some blown LEDs on this board and a bad voltage regulator on the other (attached to it) board...

If it's a fuse, then it would be in series with the supply. I can't be sure, but it looks like one end connects to the LED resistors, all of which are wired to a common supply.


Could it be a "fuse link"?

https://www.swe-check.com.au/catalog/102.pdf (datasheet)


--- Quote ---Littelfuse RLN and RLS series renewable fuses have traditionally been used to provide low cost protection. However, generally increased levels of available fault current and the distinct possibility that renewable fuses may be improperly renewed, have rendered them unsafe. The use of these fuses in new applications is prohibited by law.
--- End quote ---

These are high voltage, high current fuses, so different regulations may apply in low voltage applications.

The supply for this device is from 4 parallel 9V batteries, so it's 9V and for 10 red LEDs it would be some 200mA plus some other components overheads. I think that installing a 500mA fuse should do it if it's a fuse.


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