Author Topic: Can anyone help my with repairing a SENCOR SLT 2225DVBT television?  (Read 180 times)

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I've got this TV from friend of mine, because it was broken
So I dissassebled it and this is what I found:
- at first TV won't turn on, but after a while it turn on, small led on front panel went from red to blue and it was looking it will start...but then blue led turn off, on screen was no picture and red led started to glow again
- as I 've got TV dissassembled I measure the voltages on the main board... Idiscoverd that the main board voltages values looks fine but...the small control pcb and the back of the lcd did't get any input voltage at all

I want this tv get fixed because it have many input ports such as VGA, SCART, HDMI, CINCH and it also have an USB port for plaing movies from USB stick

Can someone help me with this? Is there any way to find the fault component?
I would appreciate any help and I would be very thankful for it

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