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Can I use different amperage fuses for a blender?

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Hello everyone

I have a small Kenwood blender with a thermal fuse that blew.

The specification is a pigtail ceramic 3NT 1.6A x 250V fuse.  The only one I could find is Schurter 8020.0516.PT


This works out at £12.34 inc postage.  I could easily buy a new blender for that. 

I can much more easily find a 1.5A x 250V or 2A x 250V fuses on Ebay for a couple of pounds.



Could I use either of these safely, and if so what could happen?  I am assuming the 1.5A would simply blow sooner when the motor is overloaded, whereas the 2A might be less safe and allow the windings to overheat?


Just use the 1.5A fuse
That is 360W , it is not going to blow unless there is a problem.

"1.5a Pico fuse 250v F1.5a 250v Axial Quick Blow Fast"

This fast fuse is not a suitable replacement for a thermal fuse.

Please check what kind of fuse you need for your blender.
A thermal fuse that prevents overheating or a electrical fuse that prevents overcurrent.
Can you post a photo?


--- Quote from: indeterminate on May 19, 2024, 10:40:37 pm ---Just use the 1.5A fuse
That is 360W , it is not going to blow unless there is a problem.

--- End quote ---
You need a slow-blow fuse. Motors tend to have very high inrush currents.

Also, fuses are quite imprecise in general, so 1.6A vs 1.5A is unlikely to be a meaningful difference.


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