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Can someone identify this component/help me repair this laser power supply.

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Hi all, I bought a DPPS laser module from ebay quite awhile ago. However it was DOA and the seller was most unhelpful (I didn't actually get a chance to power it up until months after the sale)

I did some probing with a DMM around the circuit and managed to have it power up when I probed the solder pads of the component listed as U1 so I figured it was merely a faulting solder joint. However I managed to foolishly short the component whilst probing around it and promptly exploded.

I was wondering if anyone else had used these modules or similar and could help me identify the component so that I could replace it. Unfortunately when the component failed it blew off the entire front and any indication of a part number. Looks like a TO-220 but with 4 pins?

Hmm. Looks like a basic non-PFC power supply, however that looks like the only power device on the primary side.  the 'U1' designation makes me suspect some sort of all-in one IC smps controller/power transistor.  The only other thing that is on the primary thats a semiconductor other than the diodes and bridge rectifier.   I havent seen an all in one mains switcher before, hopefully its not some oddball chinese brand IC, you'd really be up a creek  :-\

It looks like its connected between the transformer and one of the big caps - is that the case? Also isolation slots between the pins on one side. Could it be a bridge rectifier? I've never seen one in that package, though. Looks like there is one in a more traditional package next to the smaller transformer on the right.

So the package looks to TO-220F-4L and the only device that seems to exist in that packaging as far as google can tell is this: http://dalincom.ru/datasheet/KA1L0380R.pdf

U1 could be a MOSFET with a built-in current sense resistor.  I can't recall any examples at the moment.
Edit: That fairchild integrated controller posted by Nerull looks like an even better candidate.


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