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Can't find this IC, it's on MSI Optix AG32C PC Monitor


Hi, Has anyone seen this IC Before? The marking code on it is AEB it's 10 pin. Thank you.

- The problem with this monitor is that when you plug it via HDMI or DisplayPort, it says no signal.
- The problem begun with weird flicker happening every morning when I turn on the computer and then it stabilizes and works well. I don't have an image of this problem but I found someone that posted a picture of the same problem: https://ibb.co/NFs26D5
- Now it doesn't recognizes nor the DisplayPort nor HDMI. I haven't tried connecting via DVI yet, I've ordered an Adapter DVI to HDMI to see if it works.
- I've tested 90% percent of the components on the board. These little devils are what's left, I don't know what they are, I don't know what they do. I've attached a photo of them.

It's probably a TVS diode array for ESD protection. You should be able to remove it without affecting the operation of the monitor.




https://www.lcsc.com/datasheet/lcsc_datasheet_2203231830_Jiangsu-Changjing-Electronics-Technology-Co---Ltd--ESDU5V0AG4B_C2910045.pdf (datasheet)


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