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I am replacing some failed electrolytic caps in a stereo receiver. I need a 50uf cap. I have two 100uf caps. I k know if I wire them in series that the capacitance drops. But what happens to the working voltage. The one I am replacing was a 50 v cap and the two 100uf are 50 each.does the working voltage stay 50 or increase or decrease.  I am sorry for asking such a stupid question.

It isn't simple, like a resistor.  It has to do with the ESR of the capacitor and the leakage current.  It is possible that one cap gets a majority of the voltage.  So if you are using caps that are rated as high as the replacement, then you won't have a problem.

To get a high rating with serial caps, you need to parallel resistors with the caps to balance out current.  These should cause a few times the leakage current of the cap.

If it is a bypass capacitor, just replace it with the 100uf one you have.

Just replace 50uF with 100uF. Will be OK in 99% of the cases. You only don't want higher capacitance if they used in the overload protection circuit time delay or need that they charge/discharge faster for some reason. I often increase capacitance intentionally to prolong it's lifetime in particular place.

Thank you everyone.


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