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Cause for CRT Monitor Jittering?

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Does anyone know what might be causing this old CRT monitor to be jittering like it is in this video?


Bad capacitors maybe?

Suspect Internal Loose Connection - Check deflection yoke plugs into the main PCB or at the base of the flyback transformer. Check for poor soldering joints and bad connections near high wattage components. Examine the solder connections on the PCBs, particularly in the area of the deflection circuits and power supply. Look for hairline cracks between the solder and the component pins - mostly the fat pins of transformers, connectors, and high wattage resistors. Just re-solder anything that look suspicious.

The jitter only appears to be in the horizontal direction, which suggests that there are fluctuations in the line sync. Have you tried a different monitor (to eliminate the video signal source as being the cause of the problem)?

dont you mean TV?
I have pretty much zero TV knowledge, but this looks like tv(pll?) is unable to catch sync in shitty NTSC composite signal

try connecting something using proper signal -RGB with separate sync (Euro connector).

Yes I tried another tv to rule out the signal.
It is a sony monitor. Not a tv. Has BNC composite video input on the back.


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