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Logitech Z906 power button
« on: February 16, 2020, 11:19:26 am »
hi everyone!
i have a logitech z906 where the power button is acting up, i have to play and push it several times sometimes 10-15 before it turns on, push it harder or push on the edges of the button etc. i thought i will open the controller unit and clean with IPA and apply contact spray, but it is not designed to open and i'm afraid of breaking it, same thing with the remote control where the volume down button have to be pushed so hard to work, but also will break if i pry it open. Has anyone done open these units before? or any other tips or hints about the issue?
ok i managed to do it, you have to be kind of brave with it pop it of and then i also found this video:

to remove the pcb you have to gently pry off the volume button and there is a nut around the potentiometer what is fingerthight +4 screws on the back.

so i think it will need a new micro switch as nothing obvious found . will try to clean it first and see what happens.

EDIT2: it seems to be working now.

i also removed the pcb from the remote control for the volume - issue. these are not really microswitches but  there is a sticky clear tape layer holding round metal bits touching the pcb "button" part, i lifted the clear tape at the problematic button and cleaned under with IPA. the battery connections are also a bit rusty, cleaned them and coated with wd40, the issue seems to be sorted.
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