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Title: Cheap vape set - ebay - charging
Post by: Matthew98 on April 25, 2017, 02:59:18 pm
So I bought a cheap vape set from ebay and the charger is just death trap. (surprise surprise... :D ) It is just a current sensor for turning the diode green, when there is no load at the output. On the output is bare USB voltage. I tried replacing it with TP 4056, but it wont charge the battery, as it has microchip in it and charging sequence, that confuses the TP4056. When I put 5V on the battery, it blinks few times and starts charging. The same with 4.2V. It draws current after the blinking. How to make it safer ? I know it has some protections almost for sure, as it has the microchip in it (So its not THE version just with bare battery inside) , but that may give it only overcharge protection. Not current control. Although it draws 100mah now, as the battery seems to be quite charged...
Btw. Im not smoker, I bough it for the same reason as bigclivedotcom :) Thanks ! :)