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Circuit diagram for Gateway VX1100 monitor


Hello all,this is my first post.I'm trying to get hold of a full service manual/circuit diagram for a Gateway VX1100 crt monitor,i have searched the web exhaustively to no avail.I have heard some webchat that it is the same as the Mitsubishi 91txm.

I have opened her up,and the main motherboard is very much a product of mitsubishi efforts,but can anyone confirm if the 91txm is the same as the Gateway?

However i have searched the web for both the 91txm manuals and the gateway vx1100 to no avail.Can anyone help me on this?There was a website i think called esrservice which had some mitsubishi manuals but not 91txm.

The fault is a loud bang and the monitor went dead.I am going to attack the PSU first,and then from there check line out transistor,i'll see if the heavy boys on the video out boards are ok.
Anyone with experience on this particular model with any suggestions that  can lighten my load,will be much appreciated.

Secondly a quick comment,i learnt my trade about 30 yrs ago,and left it about 13 yrs ago,but i have kept a lot of knowledge alive,and i do some stuff at home when possible.I have recently come across Dave Jones from Aus,Mike, Gerry Sweeny from England,Shariar from the States,these guys are serious puppies,technically very switched on.
The workshops these guys have is to die for,here i am with a 20meg Crotech and a multimeter.
They've put a smile back on my face after years of being in the wilderness!!
Anyway i drift, thanks for any help out there.

No manuals avaiable online for that monitor,and yes it is Hitachi product
You will have to do this without any documentation


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