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Cleaning up solder from a stubborn thruhole

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I've desoldered a capacitor, which wasn't that difficult, and am now trying to clean up the holes. One was easy enough. The other (the positive), not at all. So far it resisted: manual sucker, braid, flux, adding solder, all of the above on both sides, and temperatures at least up to 450C (I think more). It was partially unclogged after one of the cleaning attempts but after adding solder I can't even get the solder on the side opposite the iron to melt.

It's on an old low-end graphics card, I don't think there are too many layers.

Edit: Photos in a later post.

Sometimes force is the only thing that can work. A de-soldering station with vacuum pump would probably clear it. If you don't have one you could try heating it and poking out the solder with something like a toothpick before it solidifies.

1. Take an unused resistor and while heating from one side push the lead from the other and don't stop moving the resistor until the pad gets cold
2. while heating the pad blow air with a high pressure air gun if you have one
3. Don't do anything, and when you place the new part just keep this pad melted so the new part will slide through

Alex Eisenhut:

kxenos has some very good suggestions.  I'll add one more that has worked for me.

Use that copper braid you had been using, but before you start, put some rosin flux on it.  Sometimes that will make the difference and help the braid to suck up the solder.


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