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I found this piece broken in my current clamps.
What is it?
Looks like, bond wires went to thing in the middle.

It was a hall sensor chip, bare silicon that gives a very small differential voltage output that varies according to the magnetic field through the face of the chip. Generally does the DC current sensing side, with a wound call that does the AC field side. Sadly if you do not have a chip wire bonder it is not repairable. Not likely to be easily available as a spare part either. Might come as the complete meter or the complete clamp assembly.

Its iskra meter, i bought it cheap on flea market.
At least voltage and resistance measurment is working.
Could i just use hall sensor from fan?
Or modify it to measure AC only?

Hall sensor from fan generally has some conditioning electronics inside. Look at older FDD drive motors, you might find one that has 4 wire hall sensor chips to sense motor drive. A small square black block ( there will be 3 of them connected in parallel on 2 wires and 2 leading to the motor drive chip) under the stator on old 5 1/4 inch drives, and then you can place this on a small board in place of the sensor. May not be accurate any more but probably will work somewhat. Post pics of the main board and the rest of the meter.

3 pictures
Its pretty old-1988(the same brand as Digimer 10.
It had sticker, that it was last calibrated on 2009, but i cant see any new trimmer glue, so they proably just tested it.
It uses intersil 7106 lcd multimeter driver.


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