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Datel/GE DVC-350 Calibrator - Replacement LCD display needed



Anyone know of a suitable model number and/or supplier for replacement LCD display needed for Datel/GE DVC-350 Calibrator?

It's a 40-pin, glass panel type, 7-segment 4.5 digit LCD display.

The LCD is driven by an Intersil/Maxim  ICM7211MIPL display driver

Backplane connections on Pins #1 and #25 and the pins for the rightmost digit are:
a4  #22
b4  #21
c4  #20
d4  #19
e4  #18
f4  #23
g4  #24

With decimal points *probably* on #5, #9, #13, #17.

thanks for any advice


Hi Gerry - did you ever find a source for the glass?  I'm looking now (glass is 'leaking' black), and the manufacturer (calibratorsinc.com) phones don't work, and their website seems....old.

Hi - sorry I've only just seen your message. No - unfortunately I was never able to find a replacement LCD for the devcice.

I have a faulty Datel DVC-350. LCD looks good, in fact the unit is in reasonably good condition. Looks like it's been kept in the carry case. Battery compartment cover is damaged and wont stay in. It's been on my 'to do' shelf for quite a while as I can't find any schematics. I have a data sheet and the manual but sadly no schematics.


i would search for ICM7211  projects, you could find an almost identical or suitable lcd ?? 

i think  you have an lcd with pins  on the glass ???

or search Ebay  for used or defective units   taking a gamble ??

not sure datel had oem / clones variants ???


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