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datron 1071 error7 Seeking help

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1071 will not output error 7 when the resistor option is not inserted, but error 7 will occur when the resistor option is inserted It gives me a headache

When inserting the AC and current options separately, there is no error message of error 7, and this machine is very strange. If only the current and resistance options are not inserted, an error message of error 8 will be displayed

The original 1071 communication option communication gear will display error ol

The original 1071 AC voltage option would display error ol in the AC gear, but now the 1061a AC voltage option is being used

I may be remembering this incorrectly, but try changing the 2 wire - 4 wire switch.. I know in one position it will result in an error during self test, I don't remember the error number though, it MIGHT have been 7.

Also if it has the front rear input switching check for that being wrong too.

I have done several repair videos on the Datron multimeters, you should probably watch them for some tips.

The first thing is definitely to replace ALL the electrolytic capacitors, the most important to do are on the bootstrap supplies on the analogue PCB, there is a row of blue caps along the front side of the board, they are ALWAYS bad, but ideally you replace all of the caps, I have seen bad power supply caps take out the main diode bridge which then shorts out which then overheats the transformer.


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