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Did I ruin this circuit board?? IPAD PRO 10.5 A1709


I came across a free ipad with a broken charging port, so I decided to take a crack at it since the part was only $10.

I got to the charging port that's soldered to the circuit board and was a little impatient. It appears I damaged the copper layer and will no longer be able to solder the new charging port onto the circuit. Can someone please let me know if this can be repaired, and if so how?

FYI: I bought flux (rosin paste flux H50) and had some thin solder (60/40 rosin-core .032" diameter) to try and lay down a fresh layer on the copper but it's not taking.

-see pics for more details

The pictures are way too low resolution, but if the pads are ripped off, then yes, there is no easy way to recover it.

Especially not with that soldering iron. It would be extremely challenging to do anything with this iron even for a person that did this a 100 times using proper equipment.

It would also be really hard to remove the  connector without using a hot air rework station without causing damage.

Majority of ripped pads seem to be ground, so it is in theory salvageable, but you will need proper equipment and skills. 

I googled some images of the board. This is not even a connector, it is just a flex PCB to rigid PCB direct soldering. It is actually would be doable using that soldering iron (obviously still not advised). But recovering would be next to impossible using any tools.

I had a feeling not having the hot air station was going hang me up..  I appreciate the input. I'm going to eventually just try to install the port just for practice before I trash. Any pointers would be great!

There is no point in trying, it will not work. If the pads are ripped off, it will be a huge waste of time.

It would have been possible to do a full replace using just the iron, it is much easier compared to a real connector. But this is not something you do on a first try. On a first try this would be a challenge even with proper equipment.


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