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I got this Piano a few weeks ago for about 150$ and wanted to fix it up but this bastard is a pain in the ass.

Even though it’s quite will made for something form 92 it’s just hopeless without new parts.

Luckily nothing electronic is broken other than the volume slider but a big part of it is these dam rubber caps the keys sit on!

They cause the keys to stick or squeak making playing it a real unpleasant experience, I have tried greases and oils to lube them up and ether they make it worse or only work for a short while, It seems replacement is the only option.

If anyone can help me get a replacement for these caps I can use this thing and be done with it.

I have uploaded images of the caps.

I can measure the caps if needed.

Images can be found here ---> http://imgur.com/a/tkw1U

well a good investment could be a 3d printer ?
or make your own cap providing a 3d file here : http://www.shapeways.com/create?li=home-create

I also bought some times ago polymorph plastic balls that melt at 60°C and are solid at room temp. easy to build things with that

I thought about it but it’s not an option, I need something prefabricated.

Have you tried some pure silicone spray, not grease or oil formulations just silicone as used in the plastic injection world, onece you have put that on nothing sticks.

I've tried that too, I need physical replacements not temporary quick fixes.


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