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DPO7254 Acq Board Mechanically Intermittent - affects all channels.


Hey group -
DPO7254 first starting having intermittent offset issues (zero was off by quite a bit). Running SPC used to take care of it.
Then SPC stopped working - fails during test - but all channels were still useable.
Now it's gotten all sorts of wonky. Moving position sometimes the trace doesn't "follow". Had one channel just flat-lined, didn't show any vertical.
Then all channels dead. Sometimes one channel has random noise on it but other channels work. When a channel is out, sometimes it's the only one out and one or more of the others are still working more-or-less.
Sometimes when a channel is "working" the amplitude is wrong (low) like it's being compressed or clamped.
I found that tapping on the Acq board made it pop in and out. So it is something mechanical or maybe bad solder on something.
i am begging here for advice from anyone that has knowledge of this board.
Since it affects all channels it must be something common to all channels, so I want to narrow down the suspects based on that.
I am going to consider reflowing the chip(s) most likely to be the issue.
Or if anyone has a good acq board for this series I would be interested in purchasing it.
Thanks in advance.

Hi maybe problems in your inter-board connectors/connections?

Hi charlyd,

A bit overdue with your advise. See:



would be nice to know when question(s)  have already been posted elsewhere .....

it's like two timing  ...

thks    @calibrationfixture


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