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It seems that you need to calibrate this state to be correct,First of all, I think you need to enter a mode where the pressure value of the main engine corresponds to the actual pressure value, and then test whether the pressure is correct after the main engine is automatically adjusted.
Generally, the data in the flash memory will not be lost unless you enter calibration mode to make incorrect adjustments

I did a complete pressure calibration using my DPI615 as a pressure source, so, it's calibrated.

As for the eeprom, as I mentioned in the first post, the unit came without a power supply and was disassembled, who knows what happened in the past, but I'm sure the data is corrupted, maybe some power surge.

But for now, I'll stop working on it, I spent more time that I could on it, it's a tool, and I have to focus on the real work now, probably I'll end up buying another calibrator, do the work I need to do and, in the future, I'll come back to the repair, and if get something new, I will post here on the forum.

Until then, if someone happens to have a schematic or service manual that could share, or have a lead to where to find it,  it would be wonderful


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