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Hi, I'm new over here, thanks for letting me in.

I'm trying to repair an old Druck DPI-510 pressure controller, but up to now the information I could find about this unit is a user manual and a RS232 protocol manual, nothing else.
My unit came without a power supply, but I could figure out the voltages and pinout and this problem is solved, but now I'm facing a bunch of other problems, first of all, I cannot configure the sensors, it came with 2 absolute pressure sensors, but the display shows it as gauge sensors, besides when I try to calibrate it, I have no success.. after the calibration the pressure display is always showing a random value... even if I calibrate as an absolute sensor or as a gauge sensor (using the atmospheric pressure or not)

Up to now, I've tested everything I could, but I'm really missing a service manual or at least the schematics for this unit.

Is there anyone around here that could have such a manual or schematic? I've tried all companies I could, but no answer, and Druck doesn´t exist anymore, now it's Baker Hughes, which didn't answer me either.

You send some pictures up.Have you ever replaced the pressure sensor individually? As far as I know, pressure sensors are all one-to-one correspondence

Yes, I have inverted the connectors of the sensors, besides, I tested them outside the 510, and they are working. Some newer Druck sensors, like the ones used on the 610 or 615 families have integrated flash memory with its calibration data as well as the range, but it´s not the case with the ones used on the 510, they are the simple bridge topology.
I'm looking for how to say to the 510 that my sensors are absolute, not gauge (I'm sure it's a software feature), and how to set the correct range.... I believe it also has some electronic issues, that's why Im looking for a schematic, or service manual, if available.

If the sensor on the 510 is just a simple bridge topology, as you said,So the irregular numbers you see are the same every time?It seems that the physical hardware of your 510 pressure sensor is normal, and may require calibration internally.--"I'm just referring to the possibility. If you want to confirm, you'd better take a video to confirm."
(My guess is that it exceeds the range and needs to be recalibrated inside the firmware)

The measurement results are not the same every time I try it. I already did the calibration via the usual menu, I've used a DPI-615 to do it. After the calibration, the measurements are inconsistent and sometimes it's simply zero or stuck at some random value, that's why I believe there is a hardware problem. I also checked the sensors, and they are ok, according to linearity and repeatability.
That's the reason I'm looking for a service manual (which I believe doesn't exist) or the schematics.... besides, maybe It will need some work in the flash memory (I already used the factory recovery option from the DPI-510, no luck).


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