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E3631A repair, what's this schematic symbol?


I've got a partially broken Agilent E3631A that doesn't read the actual voltage and current back when the output is switched on, all three channels work just fine though. I'm looking in the ADC section which is quite understandable, even for me, and I found these symbols on the schematic. See designators E2 and E3 on the attachment.

I'll probably  :palm: myself when someone replies but what are they?.


Mr Smiley:
Ferrite beads  :-//


Beaten by a few second :)

Yep, ferrites. I don't think I've ever seen the symbol except on HP schematics, doesn't seem to be that well standardized.

Ah, makes sense. I'm not near the instrument right now but I'll check it later and report back.


I checked it out. It's as you say a ferrite but it looks weird, it's surface mounted with no tracks connected to the pads at either end with the trace flowing under it. I'll post a picture later if anyone's interested.



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