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F60SA60DS - Dual Series Connection Fast Recovery Rectifiers - Replacement


Hello, I have a power supply that it has shorted the "F60SA60DS" diode rectifier. I can't find any replacement of this connection "Reverse Doubler Polarity" (Series Tandem Polarity) in sites like mouser electronics, digykey etc (only in aliexpress). I wonder if I could try to put two seperate diodes (each at 8A/600V) in series like the "F60SA60DS" or inside the semiconductor it is not only just a two diodes in series (at least only to test the power supply if it works and then to put the original diode "F60SA60DS"?


Using two is no problem.  Find one with same or better specs- those are very high current pretty fast diodes.  Don't forget that diodes that run lots of current and drop voltage, dissipate real power.  These parts can drop over 2v and conduct 8A, that's 16W when conducting.  I would keep the two parts close together, if you're really concerned, you could heat shrink the together so they'll track like the dual but its likely not necessary.

Turbo 2 ultrafast high voltage rectifier

Also, I found a replacement

I would just get anything that is locally available in this package, so long as it is 600 volts or above, and 8 amps per diode or 16 watts per package or more.  :rant:

Then I'd do leg switcheroo, they are long on new diodes, so you can bend them whichever way you want.  ;D

And call it a day, Bob is your uncle!


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