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Facit 1132 Nixie Calculator restoration

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--- Quote from: pqass on June 19, 2023, 10:22:49 pm ---
Maybe you can first separate all key groups from the top of the enclosure. It looks like it can come off as one unit.  I think that row of brass phillips screws above & below the blue wires (from your first message) secures them.  That should give you access side-on to spray contact cleaner and exercise the keys.  I don't think you should separate those plates as they are punched along the left and right edges (4 times) of each key group.  It'll probably cause you grief to put back together with multiple springs and alignment points. And never be flat again.

--- End quote ---

I beeped out all the keys. All of them appear to work with exception of the division key, where the readings are erratic - between .5 MOhm and few hundred Ohms when pressed down. No amount of cleaner and exercising seems to help  :--

Unless there is an issue on a component inside the keyboard (I can see some in the sandwich) or the sliding switches, I'm not really sure how the keyboard is causing a problem.


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