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This monitor at work has been getting rather dim over the months, so eventually it stopped showing an image totally. So I opened it to see if it would be a quick fix, or if it would be an even quicker replacement with something else.

Traced it to the very obvious bulging capacitor. As I was not going to go buy a new one to fix this very old unit ( around 20 years old or more, I was not actually looking at date codes in it) I went and got down a dead colour CRT monitor that was kept just in case I needed spare parts. Pulled out the closest value capacitor that was rated higher in voltage, and of course as it would not fit I added some wire to fit it in. Wire was part of the internal loom from the monitor as well. Stuck down close by and it works again.

Think the old cap was about to go into orbit soon.

Yea, nice to have some old parts laying around like that.
The thing I am curious about though is why dont you just get a new monitor? LCDs are dirt cheap today and probably alot more energy efficient.(after looking it up, it would appear that LCDs use half the energy CRTs do and efficiency is increasing)

Maybe because he cant afford them or just doesnt like lcds.
Why wont he repair old crt with just replacing caps for few bucks

Fix was free aside from an hour of my time in between other things.

Yes it is easier to replace, but as this has been around for a long time, a replacement would be $70 ( buy locally and take what is available) and would come out of my budget ( which is tight as it is anyway ), repair if possible is better. Zero cost on budget is a lot better.

As well I was just looking to do it to keep up the experience. You do not often repair monitors these days to component level, you are like a car shop and simply are a panel swapper. This is easy enough to fix to component level.

Only reason I actually used a camera is because Dave has the new sub forum, and I have a nice new Zest phone with a pretty decent camera on it, so I need to get a little more idea of the camera capacity and limitations. Around half the pics were blurred or otherwise unusable. I am kind of liking this phone, nice screen, semi decent battery life and it cost under $200 outright with a 1 year somewhat limited data plan thrown in. But a good web browser and quite usable. Media player as well is good. Has a pretty good FM radio in it as well, no RDS ( pity) but otherwise good.


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