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Broken utility power meter?
« on: January 18, 2017, 04:18:08 am »
I do some bitcoin mining, so I tend to keep a close eye on my power usage.

Yesterday night, all of a sudden I started pulling 4x more power than normal:

BTW this is not like the heater kicking on or something like that,
I already use an absurdly large amount of electricity, for a full house even, let alone a 1 bedroom apartment.

My apartment building has 2 utility feeds, looks like all the meters on my feed are reading way to high, but the meters on the other feed are fine.
Any idea what is up, I'm not going to fix it myself, just curious.

Voltage levels are normal,
I have no idea what would cause all the meters to go wrong at once, other than maybe a bad firmware update??

Bad firmware update actually makes sense, it's like they got Kilowatts mixed up with Amps lol
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