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fluke 112 eeprom error


I have a multimeter fluke 112 showing "EEPr Err". According to the calibration manual, the unit has to be sent to fluke for repair ...

I desoldered the eeprom to dump its content, it's full of 0xFF. I maybe broke one pin during desoldering ...

Powering-up the meter without the eeprom shows "EEPr" only.

I was wondering if anyone has the content of the eeprom and will be willing to share it ?


If it's anything like my Fluke 115 problem (though I think mine reported "Cal Err"), then you really need to recalibrate/adjust the meter. Just copying someone else's eeprom would likely give inaccurate readings. The calibration manual is available online and adjusting the 112 looks much easier than my 115 - it should be possible to get a reasonable job done with basic equipment (although perhaps 6A might be a bit tricky to source), and a somewhat decent multimeter for reference.


EEPr Err is different from Cal Err
It's not possible to enter the calibration mode with the EEPr error. Manual says:

If the calibration procedure is not completed correctly, the Meter will not operate correctly. If calibration
is not completed correctly, the Meter alternates the messages “CaL” and “Err” on the display and you will
need to recalibrate the Meter. The meter is damaged and requires service if:
• “CaL” and “Err” messages continue to appear after a proper recalibration.
• “EEPr” and “Err” messages are alternating on the display.
• “EEPr” message appears on the display.

I just wanted to know if it's possible to recover this error without having to send it to fluke

My understanding is that Fluke service mostly part swap (unless it's a clean or calibration). This model can go cheap online as they aren't so common or obvious that it's a nice model. Might have to wait a bit for firmware, in the meantime you could provide details on the part you're programming and board revision.

Some other details like how it got that error is also useful. As meters get contaminated by old batteries I'd have checked that first. If you break a leg often you can carefully excavate the package to expose enough to connect a wire on. See if it's essential for programming in the datasheet. You may have to wire it to a sacrificial socket/pcb in order to read/program easily or reliably.


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