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Fluke 199C scopemeter repair

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Per Hansson:
A special thanks to feedback.loop for this project, I now have a backup of my unit :)
I did run into a special case, but it is solved by simply installing a later version of Phyton 2.7 that I used here:

--- Code: ---python programmer.py -i
  File "programmer.py", line 54
    print('.', end = '', flush = True)
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
--- End code ---

However I did find out that the connector in my unit is not in the best shape, because the unit did not power back on after re-assembly until I cleaned it a bit.
It is made by a company called SUYIN and has the marking 18215
The mating connector on the memory board has the marking 28304
I did find this connector on their website and asked how it could be bought but got no reply.
I also asked Fluke but their reply was that the connector with PCB designation X3501 and their part number: 0016 105 00041 is no longer available.
If anyone has some idea where to find it that would be nice, both for my unit but also for the programmer project itself of course...

For every taste.

Per Hansson:
Thanks for your message asis.
Perhaps I should have been clearer: feedback.loop has used connector 5-5179009-3 for his programmer project.
But he has stated in his latest video and in the project details that it is not a perfect fit for Fluke's original part.
That is the part I have mentioned in my previous post.
It would be best to find the exact part: because otherwise both connectors need to be replaced to get a proper fit...


Ordering Code: 0016 105 00041 - May be Fluke manufacturing specification, but is a purchase item.
It's just a unified product from different manufacturers.
It is the size and presence of gilding on the contacts that are important here, and not the feeling that it is tight.
Notice the second line in Table 8-3. Main PCA Parts:
B2000       QUARTZ CRYSTAL    25.00MHZ     C2       Ordering Code: 4022 303 20181
I'm talking about that.
I do not quite understand the purpose of creating this programmer (device).
It can be made easier.
Purchase two connectors for A201, make a backplane and route the data bus to different connectors (0-15 = I; 16-32 = II) and read / write in two steps, swapping (or switching the data bus) A201.
Any programmer that read / write SST39VF800A chips can be used.

The address bus, control bus and strobes are parallel. To prohibit access to SDRAM, pull up ROMCS1 to VDF so that it does not interfere.
(You still need the Fluke Flash Tool to update and calibrate, and in your case, you will need to collect a complete dump.)
If you are pursuing the goal of cloning A201 modules and putting them on stream, then there are doubts about this business, since the calibration process is not produced.
Although, this is your right.

It is important that you do it with incredible persistence, which commands respect.


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--- Quote from: Assafl on September 30, 2021, 11:42:13 am ---Thanks for your videos. I put together a LiIon battery from a discarded bike battery and it works great (they are old 2200mAh cells - so they last "only" 7 hours! - and you don't have to fret the battery going dead for months).

Were you able to update to 225c?
AFAIK Bushealth option is a 10 character code away: Under USER -> VERSION & CAL menu click F1.

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Do you know how to update to 225C?

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This works: https://xdevs.com/doc/Fluke/19x_2xxC_Scopemeter/fw_V804_225C_for_199C/

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Do you know if this will work with a 196C or is there any way of upgrading a 196C to enable this?

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It won't I think work with a 196. I know the PC board assembly is the same for all versions of the Scopemeter and Fluke Service Center sets the correct model somehow. Maybe it is a command in the Mask ROM.


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