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Fluke 199C scopemeter repair

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How do you look at it?
Now, I wanted to ask you:
how do you explain the fact that any cloned module works successfully in any scopemeter.

It turns out that the mechanisms for checking the ROM ASIC mask (UHM Universal Host Mask v3.0) do not start and this is only required when SW updates and / or calibration are performed via the PM9080 or OC4USB cable and the Fluke Flash Tool and MET / CAL.

During calibration, a report (certificate) is generated, tied to the serial number of the scopemetr and is an integral part of the calibrators Fluke 5500A or similar.

asis, do you happen to know how to change the serial number in the FLASH? perhaps there is a checksum that needs to be adjusted or something like this?


I have not thoroughly analyzed the dump.
But, during the period when I was working on the A201 module, there was an attempt to replace part of the dump (modification) of the American version of SN (7-digits) with the European (8-digits), which did not lead to anything.
The Flash Tool did not accept the SN that I was trying to enter in the "Instrument: DM" field.
There should be a mechanism for calculating the checksum, but I do not know it.
In fact, you have everything to get started with this work.
[attach=1]Plus Fluke probably uses serial number ranges for the scopemeter's various models.
Good luck! :)

Hello, is there some way how indentify serial number from scope? My sticker is missing and I cant do update. Thank You

Please, someone explain to me how to update my fluke 196c to 215c. I need it for the can bus measurement...


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