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Fluke 289 not quite sorted.

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Evening all.
I just took a punt on a faulty ebay 289.
Fixing what was most obvious (a broken battery connector) bore no fruit, but power was getting to it and it was drawing a steady 25mA.
There is no screen action (not booting) and I'm unable to turn it off without removing the battery, or turning off the power supply.
Nothing on the pcb appears to be getting hot and the lcd connector is properly seated.
Bit of supercap crud, but showing 3.2V when powered.
Anything sound familiar?

Any and all help warmly welcomed.


Q1). Is there any alkaline leaked battery residue/corrosion on the pcb or battery terminals?

Q2). Maybe check Y1 and Y2 to make sure the clock is running.

Q3) Check to see if the MSP430 is getting vcc?

Q4) You could trying removing the supercap to see if that allows the 289 to boot?

I don't have a 28x so I don't know if 25mA is normal or not.  I do know the 28x battery life is supposed to be a minimum of 100 hours.  So if your alkaline are 2500mAH, then 25mA draw sounds correct.

Evening Sir.
A1 There is not. Pcb is in good order, apart from the previous owner scratching up the battery pads, which are now covered in solder and getting power from a psu.
A2 Both clocks running, but wandering.
A3 Pin 1 showing -0.8V... which doesn't sound right. Those pins are miniscule.
A4 I could, but have no hot air. I could butcher it though... needs replacing anyway. I'll report back on that one.


All those lovely test points and no list of pokery... sigh.

Lifted the supercap... no joy.


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