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Need Advice! Picked up a Fluke 8024A (No display). Installed a new 9VDC battery,  checked connections from the battery through the On/Off switch to U8. Full battery voltage is present at Vdd/Vss at U8. Need suggestions as to where to go next. Check electrolytics, take display apart and clean??  Clean and reseat U8???? Any help?

On my Fluke 8020A, I get about 2.65VAC on the lcd at 50Hz.  On my Fluke 75 II, I get about 1.55VAC on the lcd at 64Hz.

I'm not sure what it is on the 8024A, but see if there is any ACV and the frequency?

I would also take apart the lcd assembly and clean it with IPA.

Thanks for reply. Taking today off (Sunday). Will do on Monday and let you know how I make out.

retiredcaps:  What pins on the LCD did you make the AC measurements??


--- Quote from: ronsr333 on March 10, 2014, 06:46:42 pm ---retiredcaps:  What pins on the LCD did you make the AC measurements??

--- End quote ---
On the 8024A, it might be different.  A rare chance for me to "justify" a dual display meter.  My black probe is connected to the 9V battery negative terminal.


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