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Anyone know where I can get an amps socket for my as-is eBay purchase?

Doesn't have:

Should have:

EDIT: Changed title to reflect current status.

There should be some lurking in my garage somewhere.  If you just got this unit , look it over and note any other bits you might need and then post or PM me.

That would be great, man.  I got this as a learning experience, to fix it.  Doesn't power up, or at least the display doesn't come on.  I guessed that from the listing and planned on putting in a new display (7-seg or OLED).  Nothing else appears missing other than the amps jack.  All buttons are there and they operate.  The insides looks good to me, nothing burned.


To start, don't assume the display is bad and don't mess with it until you've gone over the rest of it and it all seems to be powering up and working.  Usually the displays leak or look bad, not just fail to operate at all.  Of course YMMV, especially it if as already been poked at.  I may have a functioning display PCB as well--I'll go look tomorrow and see how well I labelled things...

Martian Tech:
Note the BAT CHG light in the second pic.

Probably the reason it doesn't work is that the batteries have been removed.  It won't operate without them unless you make some mods (convert the battery-charging current source to a voltage source).


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