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Fluke 83 LCD repair questions



I'm repairing a venerable Fluke 83 initial series I've found cheap. It only had minor issues and dirt from 30 service years (main chip is dated 07-90). After cleaning and lubricating the function selector and plug socket, everything seems to work right and very accurate as far as I can verify.

The only remaining issue is the LCD screen. The segments are all ok, but the screen is dark shadowed in the borders probably due to any penetrating contaminant. After a close inspection with magnification it looks like the problem is not in the polarized front film but within the back reflective panel.
I wasn't able to find any reference on how to perform substitution of back panel (if even possible) or what kind of material should be used (just reflective or polarized too). Since the screen is still readable I wouldn't want to risk it without having [attach=1][attach=2]a good success probability...

The OEM replacement LCDs for these models (I think 83/85 original series and series iii are compatible) are scarce and expensive here, so I'm not considering this option by now....

Should it be possible to replace this reflective panel? Thanks in advance for any hint



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