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Fluke 8506A , need help with repair

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So I poked at my spare panel board.  The three displays don't share a high-side driver, but they are all multiplexed through the 'J' circuit of U30, U25 and U20.  I tested using pin 12 of U20 for my low side and the collectors of Q2-Q8 in turn.  If the problem is in the 'J' circuit, you should also see the REMOTE (pin 19 U26), HI ACCURACY and NORMAL (pins 2 and 4 of U14) fail to operate.  Hopefully you have a clear schematic you can see all of that on.

m k:
I had once a problem where certain number turned on segments elsewhere, error segments were bright.
Reason was too high 5V, finally everything went blank and 5V was 7V, or something like that.

Thanks bdunham !!!

correct U 34 , 24, 13
and exact the thing -  AC: HI ACC, NORMAL - not lit up  (remote -not up, getting err-4)

I attached stitched schematic for the front board , will dig now ....

had replace all caps on PSU and adjust it ... but will check again


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