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Fluke 867, 863, 865 or 867B Charging Adapter Connector Physical Dimensions

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Hello, my first post!
I have purchased a used, damaged Fluke 867 Multimeter (which I intend to fix), and it has no charging adapter and those of you who own one of these will know that they, the instrument themselves and their adapters, are relatively rare. To make matters worse, the adapter uses a 'proprietary' barrel connector. (Also used by the 863, 865, 867B)

The adapters themselves sell for as much as $300, though I have found an aftermarket knock off for ~$65USD, I am considering building one, which will involve sourcing the barrel and casting the plastic end using a mold.

To that end, might there be some kind soul who owns one of these units that could measure the connector and provide me with the data I need to make my own?

To facilitate, I have drawn up the diagram below, and am looking for the following measurements;
A: Plastic Barrel Length :
B: Metal Barrel Length :
C: Plastic Barrel Diameter :
D: Metal Barrel Diameter :
E: Tip Hole Diameter :

Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to take this on for me. I did search the forum, no luck.[attachimg=1][attachimg=2]

I have a 867B if no one beats me to it, I should get back to you in a couple of days with dimensions.

What symptoms/history does your faulty meter have?

I am not sure what the symptoms are yet, as I have yet to get it in my hands, it is being shipped to me.

It looks pretty beat up. I purchased it as a 'parts' unit, at a low price, and am hopeful that the processor and memory are intact. If so I think I might be able to manage a repair (famous last words!).

It has been opened up, the battery has been removed as well as missing the charger.

If you can grab the dimensions of the adapter that would be great, thank you.
Has yours behaved itself? Any common faults that come to mind?

A: 20mm
B: 8.3mm
C: 4.9mm
D: 3.46mm
E: 1.2<E<1.38 (Bracketed with my precision screwdrivers, 1.3mm should be very close to actual diameter.)

I bought my second 867B a few days ago, it's working, battery is dead of course, it had a few dead lines on the LCD when first powered on that have gone back to normal since, still not good news for the LCD.

The first one had been dissolved in battery juices. Rechargeable battery is also on the end of it's life and I'd like to convert them to Li-Ion one day.
Repair topic for this one is here:
Includes a ROM dump if needed.
As for common problems: Can't say not experienced enough, I'm sure you'll get a clue if you search the forum and www a little.

A while back, I made my own with scrapped materials. Two layers of heat shrink wrap made it rigid enough.

I also made the optical port adapter. But, I remember the Fluke software works only in WinXP.


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