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fluke dsp-2000 and 4x00

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--- Quote from: yppu on August 10, 2020, 08:36:02 am ---Hi, can someone tell me where to find the firmware for the DSP-4100 (from at29lv040a). I have a broken chip on my motherboard.

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What is the failure of the equipment?

Hello, did the change of the internal battery solve the problem with the booting and the flickering display? Greetz

no it didn't solve

Hello, has anybody a working firmware for the fluke dsp 4300 v.1925. Thanks

Hi.  Sadly finding Fluke firmware for end of life equipment is very difficult but I do happen to have 1.925 for the 4300.  Just let me know how you'd like to exchange the file.  Somewhere I also have the latest standards file that includes patch leads (I happen to have the patch lead modules for mine).

@yppu: I also have a 4100 that failed its calibration.  Unfortunately I don't have any way to read the flash chip. :-(



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