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HP 3561A Flyback transformer replacement


I've been looking for too long on this one. Anyone know where I might find a replacement for this flyback transformer? It came out of an HP 3561A. TMF-2500A seems to bring up a chinese website, but I don't want to order over 100+ of them. Is there a way to replace it with a similar model? The HP service manual only states, "transformer-flyback frequency 36.2kHz". It's a nine pin as well. Any pointers would be helpful.
-Thank you

Did you found this website as well:

No idea whether these guys are legit.

I did, I sent them an e-mail to see if they had anything that might work as that seems to be their old store front and the new one doesn't seem to have it. Thank you though

Including equipment name in subject title would get you more attention.
Does the pinout match the HR Diemen HR42052 model?

Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I though I would post the conclusion. After a lot of searching and e-mailing, (now my inbox is full of advertisement from Chinese distributors  >:( ) I had someone reply back a year later! Apparently he had something that might work, at least it had the same part number. I paid the 90$ (a bit of a gamble) and he sent it over. It worked (after some tuning)! Fixed it, it had the same resistance across all the coils so I believe they are the same part.

I ended up getting it from this guy, he's a bit slow to respond but he helped me a lot!


There are pictures of before and after.


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