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FS: BGA rework station PCB repair machine


Hello, ladies and gentlemen,
Here offer BGA rework stations,different kinds prices available. Directly from factory, 8 years manufacture experience,
cost-effective.Welcome to enquire~

Here I introduce a kind ( stock 5 units) :

1.Intelligent thermal fuse, it doesn‘t work when fan no working.
2.Three independent heating zone, suitable for lead free process
3.It adapts quality heating material in 1st and 2nd heating zone, which produces hi temperature  and breeze, and far IR for 3rd heating zone pre-heat to prevent PCB deformation.
4.Upper heating system can be moving fro and back,up and down, and the bottom heating system can go up and down.
5.Sound hint function.
6.PLC control, 7 inches touch display desk.
7.Big flow constant current. Cools PCB for better welding effort after Heating finish , prevent PCB deformation.
8.Portable vacuum pen takes out BGA.convenient and durable.
9.Special pallet for different main board.
10.Various sizes heating nozzles, or custom made.


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