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Garden Shredder problem

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could be the centrifugal switch  is buggered.

Likely you connected winding in opposite direction or connected other end of capacitor to a wrong mains wire. If your shredder has a reverse functionality, it may be more complicated.


--- Quote from: wraper on June 13, 2023, 06:04:15 pm ---If your shredder has a reverse functionality, it may be more complicated.

--- End quote ---

This. ^^

OP, can you post good photos of your shredder and maybe a model number?  It is really hard to provice specific advice without specific information.  I don't see how replacing the capacitor would make it run backwards unless you miswired it or something else is broken or got broken.  My PAPER shredder has a reversing switch that, in case of a jam, makes it go backwards for a few seconds and then shut off.  Perhaps your garden shredder does the same? 


--- Quote from: Ian.M on June 12, 2023, 11:41:13 am ---Arguably, anyone running an AI 'bot' here is infringing rule 9: "No accounts impersonating other people will be allowed."
Also see: https://www.eevblog.com/forum/chatgptai/should-chatgpt-bots-be-banned-from-the-eevblog-forum/ (TLDR: Dave mostly concurs with the majority opinion.)

At the end of the day, its Dave's dollar so Dave's rules, not all of which are explicitly stated (nor will they ever be, as that encourages rules lawyers.)

--- End quote ---

I don't think I'd regard that thread as a substitute for an announced forum rule. Only 180 responses out of the thousands of active forum members is not a strong majority of members. If the rule is sufficient to ban someone then it should actually be a rule.

I don't know how that poster was communicated with. It sounds a bit like the thread where Amazon closed some persons smart home from service. They didn't try hard enough. And I don't think the AI response (if it was) was unhelpful or disruptive to the thread or the forum. I think cancelling them was an overreaction and unwarranted in this case.

At the end of the day, your opinion, and mine are only that: OPINIONS, as we don't own any part of EEVblog, and haven't been granted any special powers here.   Dave's opinion is the one that counts, though all evidence suggests he does consider the opinions of his moderators + other users he respects.  If you think the moderation policy (as revealed by moderator actions) for AI bots and suspected AI generated content is wrong, take the discussion to the topic I linked.  As Dave started it, odds are he'll see your response.

You couldn't pay me enough to take on moderating a forum full of cranky engineers and techs!  Massive *RESPECT* to the unpaid volunteer mods here.


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