Author Topic: GE induction range PHB920SF1SS error F640  (Read 257 times)

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GE induction range PHB920SF1SS error F640
« on: November 07, 2019, 07:23:41 pm »
Trying a long-distance diagnosis. My mom got a GE induction range, model PHB920SF1SS. She has been very happy with it for 5 years until it stopped working, displaying error code F640.  She wants to get it fixed if at all possible. The nearest service guy willing to visit was out of state (!) but he did drive up and replace the "control panel top circuit board". That didn't work. He made another trip to replace "lower circuit board" but that didn't work either. He spoke with GE, and they had no other suggestions, so he gave up.

The most relevant information I can find is this thread:

Error F640 may mean 'No LIN comm between main logic board and Induction bridge board.' with reason A) Harness opened to bridge board. B) Induction module, or bridge board not getting power.

if no power to bridge board, might be failure in another part, a "filter board" which may be susceptible to power surges. The house in question is at the far end of a rural electric grid and the power does go out occasionally with summer thunderstorms. It is also very humid all summer, which might promote corrosion somewhere.  Any other ideas?

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